Godzilla (2014)


Sometimes we can say more through touch than we can through words.


biggest fears for halo 5 tbh

  • cortana becomes damsel in distress again and is rescued a la halo 3
  • chief spends the game chasing cortana, thus refusing to handle the stages of grief himself and furthering his codependency issues
  • cortana is just “remade” or fixed, thus never getting her own plot and remaining neck-deep in codependency issues, plus putting her firmly on the list of “female characters who got fridged to create character development for the main male character”

now we are all sons of bitches

kirk-goes-to-gallifrey replied to your post: the 100 really turned out to be pretty…

I thought so too, but in the middle of the season i kinda gave up on it. Now I’m waiting for someone to tell me it gets better at the end and that I should keep watching… what do you think? (I absolutly love your blog, btw)

The show does go through some ups and downs in the quality of the episodes, but I think the last few episodes make it worth it alone. The setup for the next season is done well; and it looks to be very different from season one. 

Thanks! :)


GTKM meme: {2/5} favourite tv shows » ORPHAN BLACK

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the 100 really turned out to be pretty good.